B side. Internet censorship and piracy

20 Jan

Piracy is bad.  Piracy for profit should be illegal with financial consequences which are noticable but not ruinous.

Using a fight against piracy to frustrate competition is worse than piracy because it harms all of us, not just the creator of a work.  So, those who use these tactics should also face financial consequences which are noticable.

Currently, the principal agent pressing for control of the internet is the Motion Pictures Association of America.  I suggest that we contact them to express our displeasure and assure them that we’ll visit the public library to check out a movie this weekend.

Milliam Murray, Motion Pictures Association of America, 15301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA  91403 (818 995 6600).  They list Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers as members.  Their defense of SOPA is so skewed as to be false.


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