B side. Pirates as advertisement

28 Jan

Today I found Dudamel conducting Mahler’s 2nd symphony, choral movement.  Absolutely moving.  The soloists’ eyes welled at the end.  From the Proms 2011 on BBC, ovations.  Totally pirated.  I’d buy it in a minute.   The BBC Proms from 2011 are not available for purchase.  That’s stupid.  I’ll find the next best performance using Wikipedia and buy it instead.

So, because of copyright problems, the pirated performance has become an advertisement for another version of Mahler’s 2nd.  Because Dudamel’s moment last year is available, pirated on YouTube, I will buy at least 1 cd.

My particular interest in a movement is now an interest in the symphony.

It’s odd to think about advertising by piracy.  It’s way more pleasant than any other form and works better.  We have to start thinking about how we advertise differently.

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