B side. Bite the heal of the oppressor.

2 Feb

And sometimes the world is wonderful and bites the heal of the oppressor.

The conservatives would frustrate a non-profit women’s health care provider.   Susan G. Komen Fndn withdrew financial support from Planned Parenthood.

I know Planned Parenthood from my youth for giving my girlfriend something for a “navy wives'” infection and, importantly, birth control pills without the cost of a doctor’s visit.  We didn’t have any money.

According to their supporters, that’s still the case.

In the heat of the moment, lots of folks have sent them money.  We got a phone call, the pleasant woman wanted us to set up a monthly gift!  An impassioned statement of support has gone viral.

We should address ourselves to the people at the Komen Foundation.  Planned Parenthood does further their goals.  Really, who else will look after these women but Planned Parenthood?  Certainly not the conservatives.

Is there anything like a conservative version of a women’s health provider which is not government run and offers care to uninsured women?  The answer is “no” which is why it is in the best interest of conservatives themselves to support planned parenthood.

Oppression of women is not negotiable.

One Response to “B side. Bite the heal of the oppressor.”

  1. esauboeck February 2, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    This just in from Editorial — the Komen Fndn couldn’t give a good g–damn about poor women but would really like a new headquarters and maybe an endowment for their director.
    Who’d a’ thunk it, comments from the filer if no one else.

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