B side. Notions

2 Apr

Two pleasant notions slipped by tonight — not recorded.

So what?

Well, why else are we here but to send along our notions?

Again, I space out a fun notion.  Whether I write it down or not,  it’s sort of effervescent in reality.  From Bronowski, our being probably isn’t wasted.   Perhaps neither are our notions, making no dent in the physical world despite being engaging.  Suppose dark matter is notions in the physical world.

Here’s a notion:

They talk about change as though it’s not work, as though it’s an inevitable series.  I’ve been there.  It is something like work. It’s an effort to draw and reproduce and write and make copies and go somewhere to hear or listen.  It’s work. Well worth the effort.  Glorious when it bears fruit and, I’ll admit, probably inevitable by the time the effort includes people like myself.  But the expression is work.  The trick is to recognize the next issue to put forward.  There are many inevitable advances.  Each of them requiring diligent effort.

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