B side. Debris.

9 May

Stuff I would otherwise wish I had written down somewhere when I remember having seen, read, thought or heard it.

Eleanor Gould Packard, Miss Gould.  The New Yorker’s “Grammarian”, “the Mozart of punctuation”.  Postscript by David Remnick 2-28-05.

Quinwa Custard:  First try:  1.5 c Quinua, 2 eggs, 1 yolk, 1c milk, 4 cardamon pods, 1 clove, 1.8 t cinimon.  Crush spices and remove rough bits, mix custard.  Add to Quinua to just fill.  Bake slow oven.  Next time, add half of remaining custard.

Chinese in Sacramento:  Fr Leslie’s Illus News Je 11, 1870,  Appleton’s NY Aug 20, 1873 p 257, Fr. Leslie’s Illus. Beitung Aug 9, 1878.

Wikileaks Rat on the Puebla (or Ohio) meth labs, vis New Yorker 7-2-12 p 50 On the difficulty that law enforcement faces finding the meth labs: “What civilian would drop a dime on a cartel?  That would be suicidal.  There was no way to know who would be on the other end of the call or email.”

Tal Wilkenfeld.  Bass player extrodinaire.  vis Cosmic Joke.

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