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A side. Artistic women as muses

20 Jun


“The women from our circle often played host, cook and caretaker and helped to nurture that coziness that encouraged good conversation. Because of course we all liked to eat well…From the great number of wives and girl-friend I can remember a few. They belonged to the group, they completed it.”
–Hans Schmitt-Rost, in reminiscences about the artists’ group Die K├Âlner Progressiven, ca. 1925



“…and the women were saying ‘They’re out fighting the fucking revolution? A.nd we’re making dinner again?’ Siena Riffia…concurs: ‘Yep, it was a man’s world.'”
–Joe McDonald, on The Diggers in San Francisco, 1966.







The latter quote from a great article in Vanity Fair about the build up to The Summer of Love, 1967:

Not much had changed in those 40 years for women in the artistic counterculture, had it? But those hippie years in the 60s DID engender the feminist movement, and things DID change. Although I really didn’t think we’d still have to be out there fighting the same old battles again about reproductive rights. I suppose the oppressive powers that BOTH German artists of the 20s and San Francisco artists of the 60s were rejecting recognize that the key was the empowerment of women.