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A side. Food issues

13 Apr

What a boring subject! But after a little more than a month gluten free, here is my report: after my tummy settled down from I don’t know what in that first week (I was having to go about 5 times a day!), it has felt a little bit better than it did before. I have lost no weight, and may have even gained, because we have spent this month experimenting with how to bake stuff with gluten free flours and things and finding substitutes for gluten products instead of just eliminating such foods, which would probably be a better idea. But losing weight wasn’t why I wanted to try this diet anyway. I was hoping that gluten free would, as it had for others I have read about, clear up my various inflammations: nasal, gut, pelvic. While I haven’t had a UTI since, I am still pretty allergic and stuffed up. And my muscular and skeletal aches and pains are just the same, no better, and in fact my knees are worse (perhaps because after a scolding by my doctor I have tried to up the exercise). Oh, I have also reintroduced caffeine, but not nearly as much, and more tea than coffee. I was astonished at how physically altering going caffeine-free was! Searing headaches and REAL muscle pain all across my shoulders and back. So: as far as I can tell, there’s not much difference for me. I will continue to try this as long as the house is filled with gluten-free products. Then I’ll have a croissant or pasta and see if I feel any different afterwards. Could the gluten free people out there who are not those with celiac disease but who have benefitted greatly from going gluten free tell me what/how it helped you?