6 Aug


When I first told my LACMA boss that I was planning to retire, I used the word almost sarcastically, since my position in the Rifkind Library had always been part-time, and I had never really considered it as an identifiable career option. But as the time grew nearer to my leaving and people heard that I was going, the implications of the word “retirement” made everyone start acting somber and using the word with special gravitas. “Retiring? What will you do?” “You can’t retire, you’re too young!” Those were the kind of things I heard, and so I started to realize that perhaps this was a life-changing decision, even though I just saw it as giving up a part-time job because I couldn’t stand the commute anymore.
I went out on a lovely bang: an exhibition of Expressionist printed matter (well, two exhibitions, if you count the little one in the Modern gallery), and just returned from a kind of farewell tour of Australia. And at the nice goodbye party that my colleagues gave me, I did realize that my time at LACMA had been worthwhile, that my presence had made some difference, and that (except for that pesky commute) I had really enjoyed being part of the place.
So now where to, what to do? I am trying to just relax and do nothing for a little while. But I’m sure I won’t be able to stand this idleness for very long. I am trying to work up a little business card and ad, to see if I can get some research projects to work on. And I’ll write some articles, review some books, try to do a little more exercise. This does feel very much like a new phase in my life. Now if we can just get George retired, too, AND figure out a way to have enough funds, then we’re still in good enough shape to start doing some fun things!

3 Responses to “Retirement!”

  1. Martha Ingalls August 7, 2014 at 12:09 am #

    Well girl… you did it! I won’t be very good at it I’m afraid. Has the anxiety level been OK? Are you still on meds? Ben and I are up at Estes for 3 weeks, managing the double hurricane from our laptops. Had coffee at the Stanley this a.m. Still looking good up there. Love, Marbs

    • esauboeck August 7, 2014 at 12:41 am #

      Oh, any chance you’ll stop in LA? Please let us know if you do–for you, I’d even drive to LAX! 🙂 You’ll be fine at retiring–you’ll just continue to work, but on projects and things you want to do when you want to do it! That’s what I’m hoping to do. And I’ll write, which is what I like to do anyway. My only worry is that I will have to watch out that I don’t isolate too much–I have that tendency if I’m on my own. I do plan to volunteer, too, as a way to keep me in touch with people. My anxiety levels have been good since on the meds. I’m thinking of taking them down a notch, but not off of them completely.
      Have fun in Estes!

      • Martha Ingalls September 18, 2014 at 6:31 am #

        Hi Erika, we had a 4 hours layover because the plane leaving Denver was late. I do not think it is unusual to experience all the body stuff. You finally have time to let it surface. Please check out some of the Real health clinics from the Hippocrates Institute in Florida to the Patagonia institute in Arizona. Well worth the time and $.
        Love, Marbs

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