Let’s go to North Carolina!

17 Sep

It’s time for me to get my head in order a little bit. Since retiring, I’ve had all these ailments, which may be caused partially by my mood and by isolating at home doing nothing. This is new territory for me! I really did think I was ready for retirement, but I’m still battling that feeling that I SHOULD be DOING something, and feeling guilty because I’m not. Except for one book review, I haven’t accomplished much of anything, and have been in such pain these last few weeks that I’ve gotten into apocalyptic mode in my head. I’ve had it with doctors, and am ready to jump on the alternative bandwagon with full commitment. (Well, I draw the line at total veganhood….)

BUT enough of that! I’m off to North Carolina tomorrow, first to see Max & Dottie, then to have them drive me up to Asheville for a mountain wedding of the daughter of an old high school friend. this should be fun, and I want to see how beautiful Asheville and the North Carolina countryside is. I’m going to try to remember to write something here every day. I’ll try to include some photos, too.

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