Moving: New York-London via Iceland

7 May


Today I booked the first leg of our 9-month trip to Europe: from New York to London, via Iceland! Icelandair has such good deals now, just like they did back in the good ol’ hippie days! We had to land in Iceland on the first flight I took to Europe in 1966. We had to stop there because we were flying on a turboprop plane that couldn’t make it all the way across the Atlantic without a stop! But then we didn’t see anything but the airport. This time the flights are so arranged that there’s a 16-hour layover, so you have to spend some money in Iceland.  We now have an Icelandic friend named Hildur–one of Dottie’s family’s exchange students when she was in high school–and she’s a flight attendant on Icelandair. We had wanted to do a stopover of a few days, but couldn’t figure out how to get these inexpensive flights while using the airline’s Stopover amenity. Maybe on the way home, by which time we will no doubt need some time in a thermal bath! I would hope, though, that we’ll have enough time to visit the famous thermal baths before flying on to London, where we might be able to meet our friend Henry and get keys for his London apartment before he flies out for a hiking trip.

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