Updated itinerary

19 Jul

George & me at the Norton Simon a month ago.

The photo has nothing to do with this share, but I figured a picture of us as we look now, right before we take off on our grand adventure, wouldn’t hurt anything! And Whistler’s Mother in the background!

So here’s what we have planned, and the itinerary we’ll take to the Austrian Consulate next week, to get our National “D” visa. Fingers crossed all goes well, since we’ve already paid for most things, and most of the flights are non-refundable.  The only flight that I have purchased cancellation insurance for is the one from Barcelona to Athens.  Poor Greeks, who knows what things will be happening there by March!


3 September 2015: NYC-Iceland

–Icelandair Flight no. 612 (paid in full), overnight at private home, Hildur Elísabet Þorgrímsdóttir

4 September 2015: Iceland-London

–Icelandair Flight no. 454 (paid in full)

4-15 September 2015: London

–at private home, c/o Henry Kitchener, 1A Albany St, London NW1 4DX.

15 September 2015: London-Berlin

–Germanwings Flight no. 4U 8461 (paid in full)

15-28 September 2015: Berlin

–stay at Sigridstraße 7, Berlin, Berlin 10407 (paid in full)

28-30 September 2015: Berlin-Poland-Berlin

–drive with Enterprise rent-a-car (paid in full)

–reservation at Cedrowy Dworek, ul. Osadników Wojskowych 39a, 83-020 Cedry Wielkie, Poland (paid in full)

1 October 2015: Berlin-Vienna

–via DB, Booking confirmation (Order NDL3RS) (paid in full)

1 October 2015-5 January 2016: Vienna

–stay at Petritsch, Sigmundsgasse 11, 3. Stock, 1070 WIEN

5 January 2016:  Vienna-Lisbon

–Iberia flights no. 3121 & 3106 (paid in full)

5 January-3 February 2016: Lisbon

–at “Azulejos” Apartment, R. Polais de S. Bento, 51-2 floor, 1200-346 Lisbon, Portugal (paid in full)

3 February: Lisbon-Barcelona

–Vueling Flight no. VY8461 (paid in full)

3 February-6 March 2016: Barcelona

–stay at 29 Pasatge mas de Roda in Barcelona, Spain (paid in full)

4 March 2016: Barcelona-Athens

–Aegean Airlines Flight no. 681 (paid in full)

4 March-4 April 2016: Athens

–stay at Evy S. Karatza, Grammou 3, Papagou, Athens 15669 Greece

4 April 2016: Athens-Zagreb

–flight not yet booked

4 April-ca. 2 May 2016:  Croatia, e.g. Dubrovnik and environs

–drive from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

–stay at Wolfgang Petritsch, Dragiceva 6, 20207 Mlini, Croatia

ca. 2-16 May 2016: Trieste

16 May 2016: Trieste-Vienna

–car or train?

16-23 May 2016: Vienna

–stay at Walder, Paradisgasse 30/3/6 A-1190 Wien OR Walder, Hart 18, Wullersdorf A2041

23 May 2016: Munich & Frankfurt

–by train

26-27 May 2016: Frankfurt-Toronto

–Icelandair Flight no. 521 & 601 via Reykjavik, arriving Toronto Friday 27 May 2016 (paid in full)

2 Responses to “Updated itinerary”

  1. Martha July 26, 2015 at 6:54 am #

    fabulous…. do you have Linda Skinner’s phone number for London. You will love her.
    Erika, do you have a plumber, handy-man in place for the house while you are gone?
    only slightly jealous!!! Enjoy every minute and we look forward to all the posts.

    • esauboeck July 26, 2015 at 3:31 pm #

      No, I don’t have a number for Linda, although she wrote us a very nice letter. She seems to be in the midst of difficulties with an unwell husband, but we will try to meet for coffee or lunch. Can you send her phone number, please?
      Yes, we do have a handyman lined up! He’ll come and do the gardening, too.
      We’ve got some other big news, which I will send in an email note….

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