Packing and panicking

15 Aug

packing_ee packing_gb

As those of you who have listened to me whine about packing on Facebook know, I have been thrown into a panic at this point, overwhelmed by all the decisions we have had to make as we prepare to go to Europe for 9 months. Not only do we have to decide on what to take  with us, but we also have to pack up a lot of the house to have it ready for our tenant. We then have to decide what goes in storage here, what personal memorabilia (family photos, etc.) to take up to my sister’s, what winter gear should be sent on ahead to Vienna, what summer things we need to keep out and take to Max & Dottie’s in Denver for our drive there and for our return trip–and finally, and most dismayingly, how to get ready to transport the cats up to my OTHER sister’s house where they will stay for the duration of our travels.  I was fine with all the planning up to this point, but my mind just doesn’t get organized with this many factors involved, and when we have to make sure that EVERYTHING personal is cleared out of the house.

It used to be so easy!  You just got your passport in order, and threw a few things in a bag, and off you went! Now I almost need a separate bag just for medications and technology.  We’re a little more high maintenance now: George needs a bed roll, because we can’t sleep easily in the same bed; I need my “special’ pillow or I can’t sleep well. And then look at this difference! In the bottom photo, you see George’s entire packing–including a bed roll in the suitcase! At the top is my entire haul, including my new Travelon anti-theft bag–which is way too small, but after having my passports stolen out of my bag on the tram in Vienna, I’m all for safety this time.  Yes, yes, I know, I’m taking too many clothes, and probably not the right ones, but I don’t care at this point. I’ll let you know when I return how many things I never wore while we were there!

I think I got more ramped up than normal because Max & Dottie have been starting their new life in Denver at the very same moment as we are getting ready to take off on our adventure. They have travelled across the country from North Carolina with Freddy the cat, and are now sitting in an empty house with nothing but a freaked-out cat and an air mattress to sleep on. Dottie’s pregnant, and doesn’t know anyone in Denver, and the house that they rented sight unseen may not be in the best of places for them. So I’m having some empathy panic, too.

George, on the other hand, is very happy with the books he has hand made for the trip, to serve as his diaries! He’s so pleased with himself!

We take the cats up to Krys on Thursday, stay at Robyn’s for two days, then come back for the final cleaning sprint, then head on out to drive to Denver.  All will be well–especially once I hand over that boarding pass on our Icelandair flight to Rejkyavik and then London….

2 Responses to “Packing and panicking”

  1. Marbie Ingalls August 16, 2015 at 1:02 am #

    You are hysterical… I am laughing so hard!!! The pillow is the most important thing!
    2 skirts, 3 blouses, 2 dresses, 1 sweater, 1 all weather coat, and the separate bag for medications.

    • esauboeck August 16, 2015 at 5:40 am #

      Wow, you can go with that little for 9 months????

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