Rocky Mountain High

2 Sep

marbie&smallcabin_estespark_aug30_2015-007 marbie&smallcabin_estespark_aug30_2015-010

After a rather taxing visit to Greeley, we were overjoyed to travel an hour up the Thompson Canyon to Estes Park, where in great serendipity, my college friend Marbie (Martha Beth, but we all called her Marbie) and her husband Ben were spending their annual holiday from their dreary lives  (!) in Maui–yeah, I know, it must be rough, eh?  Marbie and her sister Lee still have the wonderful, totally original, mountain cabin inherited from a relative who had built it in Estes in the 1920s or 30s as a hunting cabin.  In 1969–the Summer of Woodstock–Marbie and I worked as waitresses at the nearby Stanley Hotel. And what an adventure THAT was! Everything that could have happened in that Woodstock summer (also, of course, the summer of the moon landing, which we all watched on a tiny black and white TV in the hotel’s bar) happened to us and our brothers and sisters in craziness. I will just let your imagination take over here, but you know it involved sex, drugs and rock and roll….This very cabin figured in some of these adventures, including the almost loss of my virginity, so it was an absolute blast to see it again.

And what a lovely, restorative afternoon we spent with them!  We have all had momentous lives, with lots of changes, lots of challenges, but here we were, four seasoned adventurers in our 60s, sitting calmly on that cabin’s beautiful porch, eating a lovely lunch, and fiddling with technological devices while admiring the original fixtures in the cozy cabin.


The trees are still there, the rocks are still there, the birds are still there, and the elk have returned big time (I don’t remember ever seeing an elk there in 1969).  And we were, happily, back in Estes, too.

One Response to “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Martha Ingalls September 6, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    Erika and I on the porch. MBI

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