Leaving London

14 Sep


As we pack up for our next venue, a few thoughts before leaving England:

  1. The London Transit system is a marvel of the civilized world. I have always heard people complain about BritRail, but that can’t possibly be referring to the immensely functional Tube. It’s incredibly extensive, it’s CLEAN (not a smell of urine anywhere), attendants are available at every station, and they run so frequently that you never have to stress about catching the train. When I think about making any comparisons with the pathetic Los Angeles Metro, it makes me weep.
  2. London is very, very expensive, at least to eat in restaurants. Thank God we didn’t have to pay for a hotel.
  3. The museums are FREE!
  4. The weather, especially in winter, would be a serious bummer, but we have had really good weather the whole time we’ve been here.
  5. Plumbing was never the British strong suit.
  6. Black Britons looked and acted as if they are far more accepted and part of society than American blacks are, but that just may be because of where we were staying and the blacks that we saw.
  7. Unbelievable diversity: when I got a massage, the Brazilian masseuse, who only recently emigrated here, said that she wished London had more English people!  🙂
  8. London trees!
  9. Londoners walk and walk and walk…

We had such a nice time!

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