B side. How ignorant are coders if you can’t use an umlaut?

21 Sep


Umlauts are among many characters normally appearing in other languages.

Back in the old days, I could hold down alt while typing several numbers, release the alt and bingo the unlauted letter appeared.  No longer.

It turns out that you can cheat in html editors by using the html code for the letter — ü gives you ü.

You can do this to get WordPress to show an umlaut by editing in Text rather than Visual, but it gives you the letter in a different font — ü.  Stupid.  Or you can to select and copy it.  Stupid.

You think that’s stupid, check out Google’s Chromebook’s solution.  By selecting an international keyboard, you can get the umlauts, but at the expense — get this — of the apostrophe.  For goodness sake, give up the quotation mark, I can always use two apostrophes.  How ignorant are the coders at these places?


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