George’s contribution: Dinner Oct 16

16 Oct


Just to show that I’m not idle…

Beef stew for dinner.  What a mess to start.

I’d bought some cheap meat — meant for goulash — and found it to be totally gristle and only some edible meat.

I fried, then boiled the gristly bits, then went to the local shop for some proper stew beef.  Fried the mushrooms, fried the beef.  Did Miriam Ungerer’s soup ( — fried chopped leak, then added potatoes and the broth from the gristly bits.  Whirred when soft and added the mushrooms, beef and some chopped carrots and potatoes.   Added some mashed potatoes to thicken late.   Quite edible.

Here’s the trick:  remember the edible bits from the goulash meat?  Fried and boiled them.

A couple of days later, added this to the left over beef stew.  It was good.  Froze enough for lunch.

Incidentally, for biscuits, Weizenmehl universal (though too finely ground) and Bio-Weinstein Backpulver work okay at 225 c.

2 c flour

1 t salt

1 t backing powder

2-3 T butter

300 grams yogurt


If you’ll excuse a test of the capacity of WordPress to cope with html files from another source:


It seems odd to me. A  significant part of a bee’s biology deals with flight late in life.  They are exquisitely designed toapple flower with bee take nectar and pollen from flowers in daylight, yet they spend almost all of their time in a pitch black hive. During most of her life she hangs around, wanders here and there in the hive touching friends and things.  Sleeping, stopping to clean something or fiddle with wax and comb.  Less than a third of the day is spent working or sleeping.  The comings and goings of her sisters during the daylight sets the tempo. ttest test test testtest test test testtest test test testtest test test testtest test test testest test test test

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