Our friend Wolfgang in Bosnia

12 Dec

Wolfi’s wall of fame in our apartment.

We are now staying in the apartment of our friend Wolfgang’s wife Nora’s old apartment in Vienna. Wolfgang just returned from a very brief trip to Belgrade and Bosnia, and sent us this note about his time there:

”Belgrad was brief this time, just a meeting with the EU chief negotiator on Kosovo. By car from Bosnia, where I stayed overnight at the celebration of the person of the year, this time the Bosniak (=Muslim)  Mayor of Srebrenica. He survived 20 years ago the March of Death, following the genocide, committed by Bosnian Serb troops in July 1995. I had the task to impose the location of the cemetery and the memorial center for the 8000 men and boys systematically killed …in the middle of Serb territory…one of my toughest decisions…and it worked out, as we know today.”

Here is a link to the event he is talking about:


Just to remember how recently such senseless racist violence occurred on European soil, attacks against Muslims who had lived there for centuries, and how quickly and easily racism can lead to hideous consequences.



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