Holiday Greetings 2016

2 Dec



George in St. Donatus, Zadar, Croatia


It was the best of times (travels in Europe, our first grandbaby), it was the worst of times (G’s operation, the election)…2016 has been quite a year for us, as most of you already know.  We began the year by flying from Vienna, where we had stayed for three months, to Lisbon–the most perfect weather in Europe! We spent then one month each in Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens/Andros Island, Dubrovnik/Mlini & Croatian coast, Trieste and Ljubljana. We also spent a little while back in Vienna and then in Munich and Bonn, Germany. We loved it all, and would go back to live in any of these places!  But home we came because of this event:


Lyle Albert Boeck arrived on January 13!  His family is now happily settled in Denver, having bought a house in Lakewood. Dottie is back to work now as a nurse, and Max continues his teaching at Regis University. We have spent some time there watching the baby grow–he’s got quite a personality already! We’ll be back in Colorado in a few weeks to celebrate George’s dad’s 90th birthday, and then will fly back to Pasadena only to drive back to spend Christmas with them.

In other news:  George went in for an angiogram, and ended up with two stents in his arteries, and was good as new the next day. Oh, the wonders of modern medicine! We are so grateful for these miraculous interventions and the great care he received.

Once we return from Colorado, we’re off again!  This time we’ll visit Australia, our second home, then take a jaunt down to Mexico, after which we decide whether to visit Puerto Rico or immediately set off for Vienna once more.  The aim is to be gone for at least the first 100 days of what will be an “eventful” presidential term, and to see where we might want to settle for the next year. We live in interesting times.

We love all of you, dear friends, and wish only peace, love, KINDNESS, and happiness for all of you in the new year.  We will keep you posted on our doings, as I hope you will let us know about your lives.




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One Response to “Holiday Greetings 2016”

  1. Margaret Brown December 11, 2016 at 6:47 am #

    Hello Erika and George

    Thank you for your Christmas newsletter, which I enjoyed reading, as always. You certainly have a busy time mapped out for the next few months! Somehow I see you settling in Vienna….

    Having seen the surgeon last week, and talked over my prognosis, he seemed to think having chemo would be a good ‘insurance policy’, so I have decided to at least commence the treatment on 3 January and if it makes me feel too ill, I can call a halt.

    Just listening to an ABC broadcast of a Baroque concert from the NGA where the Versailles exhibition has just opened. Wouldn’t mind going to see that. Josh could have gone on Monday, with a group from his school, but decided to play sport instead – I despair!

    I hope you have a very happy and enjoyable Christmas – well, with your grandson I know you will!

    Take care and much love



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