29 Jun

Dorothea Lange, “Mr. and Mrs. Wardlaw at entrance to their dugout basement home. Dead Ox Flat, Malheur County, Oregon.”


As many of  you who have been following our most recent travels know, we embarked on these latest peregrinations because 1) Trump was elected; and 2) we cannot afford to live in our Pasadena home anymore, so thought we had better start scoping out possibilities elsewhere.  Now we are back home in Pasadena, after being in seven countries in six months. While we did accomplish one goal–to be out of the U.S.A. for DT’s first 100 days–we are far from making a decision about where we might be able to settle. But after a brief respite here at home, we will weigh up all of our options, based on a hierarchy of criteria. Mind you, all of this supposedly quantifiable data may be thrown out the window, subject to totally emotional decisions on our part. But at least we will have some relevant information to guide us.

I’m choosing, therefore, to use this blog as a place to formulate our criteria. Here’s the list, in some kind of hierarchical order, from most important to least:

1) Financial:  can we afford to live there on our retirement income? Price of accommodation is the leading issue–being able to buy something outright would be a major plus (housing preferences: NO HOA, older home preferred)

2) Access to the family:  how quickly can we get to the kiddos, e.g. access to a major            airport in the near vicinity.

3) Weather: no, or very little snow, and lots of sunshine for at least most of the year

4) Culture: we need bookstores, museums, libraries, art, music, or some mixture                thereof–SOME cultural scene!

5) Transportation:  any possibilities of mass transit/public transportation?                        We really don’t want to be having to drive everywhere when we’re 80

6) Healthcare: access to facilities nearby for old folks; decent insurance                      rates/affordable medical care

7) Ambiance:  no barking dogs, decent political environment, pleasant streetscapes, good restaurants, walkability

8) Trader Joe’s: if in the States, how far is a Trader Joe’s (or comparable store with            decent bread, reasonably priced veggies, organic meat)? Farmer’s markets/open air         markets would be another major plus.

9) Ease of moving there:  if foreign country, how complicated to emigrate/gain                      permanent residency?

That about covers it, I think.  In our attempt to be scientific about it, we will weigh all of these factors for each place numerically, plus or minus.  Then we will probably ignore all of it and go with our gut feeling!  If anyone can think of other aspects we need to keep in mind, by all means let us know!




2 Responses to “Criteria”

  1. Win Thrall August 6, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    I like all of your priorities and all are fulfilled where I live. Access to good healthcare should be # 1. I can walk almost everywhere: to my family doc, dentist, PO, Walgreens, big (too) grocery store, farmer’s market, UPS, bank, lots of restaurants, message, Lake Michigan, Hubbard Park, and only a short drive to culture and Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Piggly Wiggly, my 3X week workouts, etc. I’m a lucky duck.

  2. esauboeck August 6, 2017 at 8:20 pm #

    You are! Except for Wisconsin weather! 🙂

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