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6 Mar



This is a story of kindness and generosity, easy-going hospitality and friendship. After several months of our perhaps ill-conceived peregrinations in an attempt to live more cheaply than at home, we found ourselves in a sticky spot, at 10 o’clock at night, with no place to go. Fortunately this happened in my hometown where I still knew people, so at 10:30 pm, in the middle of the week, I called up my old high school friend Ann. We had over the years briefly stayed in touch through Facebook, but had only seen each other a few times in the last few years.  Amazingly, in this age of not answering any phone numbers that one  doesn’t recognize, Ann picked up the phone! “We have had a bit of an emergency, could we possibly come and stay at your house tonight?” Without a hesitation, she and husband said “come on over!” We arrived with all our belongings, disheveled and shaken. After some explanation of our plight, they assured us that we could stay in their extra room for as long as we liked. And serendipitously, they were going away on a ski trip in a week, and would be happy to have us stay and look after their animals. It was almost as if the whole situation was meant to be!

We stayed for two weeks, walking their wonderful dog, making some meals for them, and basically relaxing in their comfortable neighborhood and trying not to impose on their daily routines. As this was my home town, where I hadn’t spent more than a day at a time in 30 years or more, we had lots of places to visit and ways to be away. But what made this visit so comforting for us was the fact that Ann & Pack didn’t just put up with us, they embraced us, made us feel at home. There was no friction, just acceptance, and enthusiastic conversations. For people like us who always worry that we are imposing, and who are often uncomfortable in company, this atmosphere was such a welcome relief–the kind of friends where you feel like you’ve been around each other for a long time. This may sound really corny, but it’s true: they emanate love. What a blessing!

So here’s to friendships that endure, here’s to kindness and acceptance! And for Peter, who knows us all and expects such things on my blog:  a photo of Ann’s cat Jinx, who even let me pet her, which she rarely lets anyone but Ann do!