The itinerary (I hope)!

25 Jun

OK, so we have this for the record: this is what I’ve figured out about the rest of the trip. I think I’ve counted the days correctly.  In order to apply for the Austrian visa, which allows us 6 months in the Schengen countries, I need to have evidence of a return ticket, so precise arrival and return dates are necessary. We are (I hope) combining here our 6-month Austrian visa with our 90-day EU tourist visa.

3 September 2015: NY-Iceland= 1 Schengen day

4-15 September 2015: London = 12 EU days (out of the 90 we have, e.g. 78 remaining after Visa “D” expires)

15 September-15 March: to Berlin, beginning of Austrian Schengen/National Visa “D”

(In Vienna, 1 October 2015- 5 January 2016)

26 May 2016: LEAVE Europe from Frankfurt for Toronto

5 January-5 February 2016: Lisbon

5 February-7 March: Barcelona/Spain

7 March-5 April 2016: from Barcelona to Athens

5 April 2016: Athens-Zagreb, drive to Dubrovnik

6-25 April 2016: Dubrovnik and environs (Montenegro, etc.)

ca. 25 April-16 May 2016: Trieste

17-23 May 2016: Vienna again

23 May 2016: train to Munich & Frankfurt

26 May 2016: leave Europe via Icelandair from Frankfurt for Toronto

What think?

2 Responses to “The itinerary (I hope)!”

  1. Leslie Holt June 28, 2015 at 10:30 pm #

    It sounds just fantastic. It makes me want to plan a trip for next year. Trip of a life time.

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